Monday, November 21, 2005

The Desert Scorpio

Surviving in the sands, not knowing the world,
Or even its own self, the truth behind curled.
Up on a dune, searching the expanse,
Looking to find that unknown, its essence, and its substance.

Waiting to realize its purpose in the scheme,
Intrigued by reality, believing it as a dream.
Touching the periphery of its own being,
Hesitating to explore, the revelation thus, fearing.
Instead it turns away, to as far away wander,
Never still reaching an answer, except a growing wonder.

Sensing then one day a radiance,
A brightness of a star, twin in existence,
Now radiantly shining on the vast desert sands,
Dissolving the dark as the light delicately descends.

Showing it the completeness it craved to see,
Held behind it always, as to a code is a key.
Arousing within it, emotions felt strong,
Desire and love and joy, and itself to the light belong.
Offering what it can to stay with the twins,
Worried of their loss, the devastation of all its wins.
Suddenly the delicate light into a blaze turns,

Unleashing an energy that into the sands an image burns,
Potential that was dormant is now ignited,
On the desert a reflection of its own sighted.
No fear now, of its own truth remaining,

Scorpio knows its essence is contained in its sting.
Knowing this, now it will employ this energy, its potential,
Yet without the twin star it can never be real.

© Jwalant Dave, 2005.

1 comment:

Meera said...

Without my white shining star it can never be real. Never, ever be real.