Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Flight Of The Dragonfly

Fleeting glimpses of these delicate wings,
Open vistas of Illusion, to the eyes bring.
Obvious motion hidden in a static stance,
The mind mesmerized and lost in the trance.
Seeing only what it wants to perceive,
Transparent as is the truth, yet seems a lie to believe.
Ethereal an expression of an eternal escape,
Promise of the realm unknown, no description, no shape.
Seamless a union of the spirit and the infinite expanses,

Origin of an existence anonymous to the senses.
Fundamentally unlovable and unsettled forever,

The motionless flight, its emotions revealing never.
Harmony experienced in this constant transition chosen,
Ever changing from within the surface of a calm ocean.

Filling its life is the void; it so strongly is feeling,
Ubiquitous and perennial, its presence never ceasing.
Truly a free spirit, from its own self it is now free,
Unaccompanied it remains destined to be solitary.
Realizing then, all desires withheld, and through them seeing,
Embodiment of satisfaction, for, desire is the joy of achieving.

Onto a new existence it floats away now,
Nostalgia of its past, to it always joy will endow.

Those moments of happiness it has received,
Happiness beyond moments, beyond thoughts conceived.
Elation is its essence, its expression of ease,

Placid in its mind and its being, with the spirit’s release.
Attaining a new form, unperceived, and yet feeling alive,
Thinking of those it lost, till in this new reality they arrive.
Having lived and loved so pure, superficiality away it has cast,
Weaning its self from the only life it has known, as its past,
Away from the one always awaited, the truth who has shone,
Yet anguished by the errors it committed unknown.
Seeking to be forgiven by the one its erring has hurt,

This metamorphosis of its own self, to change is its effort.
Observing ‘change’ as the universal law that will renew,

Transformed whole, as soul, as sense, as sinew.
Heading so far out, from here it can never return,
Escaping as it had envisaged, to anonymity, that it will earn.

Preserving only its wings, for the motionless flight,
Always shall be an essence inherent, for a momentary respite.
Soaring still, by virtue of a quivering incessant,
To be one forgotten, in many myriads lost, afar and distant.

© Jwalant Dave, 2006.