Wednesday, December 06, 2017

A Shadow In The Dark

Sublimely submerged in a solitary suspense,
Hidden within the surface of flowing effervescence.
A shadow, floats fluidly, on inky black oceans,
Dissolving into the dark waters, undiluted in essence.
Originally emerging from a burning luminescence,
Whorls of radiance in every drop of existence
Splendid, like a supernova of blinding brilliance!

Slipping swiftly through the sand dunes of sense
Untethered, unbridled, uninhibited and intense!
Spanning infinities, as Time transcends distance,
Plunging into a moment, in the blink of an instance.
Experiencing a Universe with every broken frame of reference,
New Dimensions shattering each new thought's circumference.
Dawn dispersing darker in every dimensional deliverance
Entwining entirely into the elemental evening of exuberance.
Dusk inviting night, night invading space, Space inverting substance.

Inverting light to reveal dark, inverting opacities to reveal transparence,
Negating the primal polarities to reveal their common concurrence.

Twilight twisting together the two threads of temporal turbulence,
Holding up each to the other as a mirror for their countenance
Equal in emotion, equal in expression, equal in experience.

Defining light, is the shadow, by confining its own presence,
Ephemeral to the perception but eternal by its permanence.
Permeating in shadow's every silhouette, light bestows its sustenance,
Tracing the slivers of each shining silhouette as trajectories of significance.
Half each, of one absolute, yet whole alone in individual appearance,
Shadow piercing light, light devouring shadow... Similarity manifest in difference!

Obscured and observed, outlined and obfuscated, as simultaneous occurrence,
Fleetingly fading, fleetingly forming, from fluidly flowing fabrics of fragrance.

Descending deep into dense thought, dispersing the divergence,
Ascending across expanses imagined, assimilating the ambivalence.
Returning still restless as a shadow to Solitude, realising the relevance,
Knowing the indivisibility of light from dark, their invisible equivalence.
Not knowing still, the unity of two as a singularity of consequence,
Enthusing to espouse the Equivalence that is embodied elegance.
Suspending into an ocean of dreams, discovering buoyance,
So staying, sublimely submerged in a solitary suspense...

© Jwalant Dave 2017

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Tigress Of The Mist

Sedated are his senses, by her fragrance entranced,
Lingering in his memory, his senses she commands,
Intoxicated by the scent of her persona, he wanders
Vagabond his spirit, through the mist meanders.
Emerging from the haze then, into the night,
Revealing himself to the Huntress’s sight.
Slowly the clouds engulf her in that moment,

Obscuring, as if a dream her presence, in an instant.
Frozen, a crystal, in his mind that glimpse embeds,

To enrich his thoughts eternally, her memory never fades.
Higher he ascends into the ether she perfumed,
Enamoured he remains, by her charisma, consumed.

Seeking her, he ventures forth, into the forest of dreams,
Allured into its milieu, by these unending streams.
Flowing perennial through this realm illusive,
Flowering in it, such blossoms, exclusive.
Rewarded by the adventures this journey has presented,
Offering him those experiences, that fantasy has created.
Never losing sense, of the passion he pursues,

Surrendering to the huntress alone, he continues.
Under the foliage of imagination, that is the forest,
Nurtured by the aspirations of each measure purest.

Onwards the forest, into the mist dissolves,
Near yet far, he stares as the summit evolves

Solitary he roams, no destination in sight,
Invisible to his eyes, she leads him to light,
Leaving the wonders, in which his senses delight.
He hears in the distance, sounds of the spray splash,
Onto the coast as those, tumultuous waves crash.
Underneath those waves, lies the sea’s tranquility,
Entering into this world, he imbibes its oceanic quality.
The immensity of that silence disperses thought,
The nothingness, the void, the presence, that is naught.
Evaporating into the air the ocean transforms,
Suddenly, into a fog, that transcends through the storms.

Observing in nature such eccentricity,
Fathoming in the depth, its, simplicity.

Through this cloud, again he perceives her,
Her scent, her voice, her spirit; so near.
Elation resurfaces from within his soul,

Surging through him, once again he feels whole.
His passions were but, the duties of his desire,
An insight, she gifted, as a magical souvenir.
Duty and passion complete each other,
One shall drive while, the other deliver.
Wisps of the mist now caress his face,
Softly it surrounds him in an icy embrace.

Sublimely the vapour transforms and blends,
Into the mist he merges, a new dimension transcends.
Lost in an abstraction, the huntress, he has sought, in
Every realm sensed, by his perception and thought.
Now enveloped in the ether, the truth to him dawns
The huntress accompanies as his soul companion.

© Jwalant Dave, 2007.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Flight Of The Dragonfly

Fleeting glimpses of these delicate wings,
Open vistas of Illusion, to the eyes bring.
Obvious motion hidden in a static stance,
The mind mesmerized and lost in the trance.
Seeing only what it wants to perceive,
Transparent as is the truth, yet seems a lie to believe.
Ethereal an expression of an eternal escape,
Promise of the realm unknown, no description, no shape.
Seamless a union of the spirit and the infinite expanses,

Origin of an existence anonymous to the senses.
Fundamentally unlovable and unsettled forever,

The motionless flight, its emotions revealing never.
Harmony experienced in this constant transition chosen,
Ever changing from within the surface of a calm ocean.

Filling its life is the void; it so strongly is feeling,
Ubiquitous and perennial, its presence never ceasing.
Truly a free spirit, from its own self it is now free,
Unaccompanied it remains destined to be solitary.
Realizing then, all desires withheld, and through them seeing,
Embodiment of satisfaction, for, desire is the joy of achieving.

Onto a new existence it floats away now,
Nostalgia of its past, to it always joy will endow.

Those moments of happiness it has received,
Happiness beyond moments, beyond thoughts conceived.
Elation is its essence, its expression of ease,

Placid in its mind and its being, with the spirit’s release.
Attaining a new form, unperceived, and yet feeling alive,
Thinking of those it lost, till in this new reality they arrive.
Having lived and loved so pure, superficiality away it has cast,
Weaning its self from the only life it has known, as its past,
Away from the one always awaited, the truth who has shone,
Yet anguished by the errors it committed unknown.
Seeking to be forgiven by the one its erring has hurt,

This metamorphosis of its own self, to change is its effort.
Observing ‘change’ as the universal law that will renew,

Transformed whole, as soul, as sense, as sinew.
Heading so far out, from here it can never return,
Escaping as it had envisaged, to anonymity, that it will earn.

Preserving only its wings, for the motionless flight,
Always shall be an essence inherent, for a momentary respite.
Soaring still, by virtue of a quivering incessant,
To be one forgotten, in many myriads lost, afar and distant.

© Jwalant Dave, 2006.

Monday, November 21, 2005

The Desert Scorpio

Surviving in the sands, not knowing the world,
Or even its own self, the truth behind curled.
Up on a dune, searching the expanse,
Looking to find that unknown, its essence, and its substance.

Waiting to realize its purpose in the scheme,
Intrigued by reality, believing it as a dream.
Touching the periphery of its own being,
Hesitating to explore, the revelation thus, fearing.
Instead it turns away, to as far away wander,
Never still reaching an answer, except a growing wonder.

Sensing then one day a radiance,
A brightness of a star, twin in existence,
Now radiantly shining on the vast desert sands,
Dissolving the dark as the light delicately descends.

Showing it the completeness it craved to see,
Held behind it always, as to a code is a key.
Arousing within it, emotions felt strong,
Desire and love and joy, and itself to the light belong.
Offering what it can to stay with the twins,
Worried of their loss, the devastation of all its wins.
Suddenly the delicate light into a blaze turns,

Unleashing an energy that into the sands an image burns,
Potential that was dormant is now ignited,
On the desert a reflection of its own sighted.
No fear now, of its own truth remaining,

Scorpio knows its essence is contained in its sting.
Knowing this, now it will employ this energy, its potential,
Yet without the twin star it can never be real.

© Jwalant Dave, 2005.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Gemini's Singularity

Resonating its individuality,
Eternal and constant like Infinity.
Fulfilling yet, its dual role,
Like a representation of life, a divine symbol.
Extending itself beyond Imagination, yet
Confining itself within logic as a rational set.
Total and complete as an entity,
Entirely secure within its sanctity.
Derived by reason from time and space,
Rational in concept, abstractly express.
Every component infinitesimally minute,
Against the Infinity that together they constitute.
Life contained within the vastness as,
Intimate an encounter, of energy and mass.
Two antagonistic personalities,
Yearning to unite into Divinity.

Living thus as the one who is unique,
Individually in harmony, but as an entity is chaotic.
Volatile reflections of each others being,
Images project across the chasm of seeing.
Narrating an epic, the "life's story",
Generating thus an existence of glory.
Irony of existence is profound,
Neither can alone, life or death expound.
Dies yet their unity,
Instantly releasing each from the divinity.
Vulnerable, dissociable, extinguished in an instant,
Indestructible and unborn they are omniexistant.
Nor alive neither dead, when separate,
Immortality is impossible for their singular fate.
To each belongs their perception of reality,
Yes, the truths reflect in this Duality.

© Jwalant Dave, 2005.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Argentum Noble


As pure as energy; as radiant and alive,
Realizing within, the strength to conceive, the
Genius of universal existence,
Evolving it from the cosmic substance
Nurturing nature, as a life precious
Touching divinity in an endeavor gracious
Ultimately creating beauty pure and true,
Metamorphosing then into, an element anew.

Never a distance in time, or space afar,
Obscure to the sense, to the spirit a power,
Boldly unraveling the depth of possibility,
Leaving as a legacy her human quality;
Entrusting the future to the spirit, her creation...


Alive with the legacy the spirit reclines,
Reflecting upon the operation of time,
Gently realizing the vastness and expanse,
Exploring in it islands of realms.
New visions of the future they hold,
To each an experience untold,
Until inspired again by the element of origin,
Meaning and reason remains unseen within.

Now that element becomes a discovery,
Offering the spirit an attempt to recovery,
Beaming forth the light the spirit contained,
Liberating the passion he knowingly restrained.
Enabling the spirit to realize his completion...

© Jwalant Dave, 2004.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

The Unbroken Wave

Searching the distance for what appears near,
Traversing time to live beyond fear,
Raging from within an exterior calm,
Avalanches of emotion, in a violent realm,
Never yet penetrating through the membrane,
Gripped by it's vast constrain.
Emerging only as a dynamic wave,
Rippling on the surface bound like a slave.

Break forth beyond this plane of separation,
Explore beneath, the volumes of creation,
Hidden truths, revealing the depth,
Insatiable desires, waiting to erupt,
Nostalgic memories submerged and forgotten,
Divided between freedom and devotion.

The secret of this sea continually unfolding,
Held within a surface, solitary and securing,
Enticing the peripheral coast to submit its land,

Surrender it's self and to the sea give its sand,
Undulating itself to encompass the coast,
Reaching out to embrace this host,
Fading out clearly, and merging with grace,
Attempting to entice with this gentle caress,
Coast to coast the surface continues,
Enclosing inside it, immeasurable fews...

© Jwalant Dave, 2003.