Saturday, November 15, 2003

The Unbroken Wave

Searching the distance for what appears near,
Traversing time to live beyond fear,
Raging from within an exterior calm,
Avalanches of emotion, in a violent realm,
Never yet penetrating through the membrane,
Gripped by it's vast constrain.
Emerging only as a dynamic wave,
Rippling on the surface bound like a slave.

Break forth beyond this plane of separation,
Explore beneath, the volumes of creation,
Hidden truths, revealing the depth,
Insatiable desires, waiting to erupt,
Nostalgic memories submerged and forgotten,
Divided between freedom and devotion.

The secret of this sea continually unfolding,
Held within a surface, solitary and securing,
Enticing the peripheral coast to submit its land,

Surrender it's self and to the sea give its sand,
Undulating itself to encompass the coast,
Reaching out to embrace this host,
Fading out clearly, and merging with grace,
Attempting to entice with this gentle caress,
Coast to coast the surface continues,
Enclosing inside it, immeasurable fews...

© Jwalant Dave, 2003.