Friday, October 10, 2003

Mind and Soul: The Birth of Thought...

Thought, the eternal flame of the mind,
Haunting, yet satisfying; visionary yet blind,
Enchanting the soul, she manifests as something divine,

Because contained within her is abstraction of time.
Elevating turbulence beyond horizons unseen,
Alluring the soul, her lover, to fill the void in between,
Unstable as he is, the light he feels,
The light of the flame, the flame that not burns, but heals,
In search of her light, far he has wandered,
Feeling the storm within him, voicing out the thunder,
Until enlightened by her, the light of that flame; he,
Leaps into it, engulfed himself, and the storm now tame,

Mesmerized by her warmth, surrounding him from within,
Inseparably bound, consumed, and the flame now he is breathing.
No mind can survive, of soul independent, and without thought,
Devoid of the flame, the lover himself is lost.

© Jwalant Dave, 2003.